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For the player

Evaluations leading to actions
Evaluate tournaments, rounds and practice weeks. The system will help you with the evaluation, based on the "Good, better, how"-model. This increases understanding of the development process and leads to actions!

Round statistics and analysis in 2 levels
Choose between round-by-round and hole-by-hole statistics. It is very simple to enter the statistics (3 minutes for the advanced hole-by-hole).

The analysis includes comparing different selection (i.e. your best 10 rounds vs. your 10 worst rounds), simulation tool (what if I...), graphs, comparison to pros etc.

Tournament analysis
Register all tournament results and get a chance to sit down and think through what actually happened out there.

Practice analysis
Keep track of your practice, the amount of time spend and what you spend the time on. Compare it to the round analysis to see if you practice the right things.

Outcome goals and process goals
In order to develop, we believe you need to have an idea of where you want to go with your golf. Outcome goals are for inspiration and motivation, process goals are for the performance. will automatically follow up on the process goals!

Skill tests
"Practice as you play" is on old saying capturing the essence of practice. To keep the attention during practice, do skill tests and see your improvements.

Plan you tournament schedule, practice and other activities. Did you play to many tournaments when your motivation fell last year? A well structured tournament schedule might help you!

Your own homepage
Run your own automatic homepage with information about your golf. If you choose to, your bio, pictures, results and stats will be published automatically.

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For the coach

Data from all the players
As a coach, you can access data from all your players and even make analysis based on groups of players. This data is, together with your observations, the foundation for specific feedback when talking to the players.

Team calendar
Full calendar feature for the team. You can schedule activities for a single player, many players or groups of players. The activities will pop up in the players' own personal calendars.

Send email and text messages. Communicate the way the kids do by sending a greeting before a tournament to the player's cellphone or inform your whole team that practice is moved to 4 PM. All with the click of a button.

Team home page
Your team gets a homepage with information about the team and the players. The players' bio, pictures, results and stats will be published automatically. This is also a chance to expose the sponsors! Example...

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"All the tools you need to take your golf to the next level" is built with the MDA tool Applied Models.

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