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The golf coach gives the players a great development tool, that will improve their understanding of the game and therefore their self-coaching. The system will set their focus on what's important to make a good score and also on how they shall act to perform their best.

Good data helps you
As a coach, you will have access to data from all your players, which can be used in evaluation and coach talks. In coaching, being able to be specific is extremely important. Instead of saying "You often get nervous at the end of rounds" you can actually point out that "I see that your score is higher on the last 6 holes than on the rest of the round. Do you know why?".

Team administration
To make the coach's life easier, features team administration functions. A team calendar takes care of planning and the spreading information of who should be where at what time. Communication with the players can be done through email or an instant text message to their cellphones from the system.

The team's homepage
The team gets its own presentation page with pictures, bios, results, stats and top list. The homepage is updated automatically when the players enter data!

What do I do next?
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