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Understanding the game
Golf is about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. To do that, golf is about much more than the angles in your backswing. sets your focus on the important parts of the game; strategy, getting the ball in play, shortgame and a process oriented mindset.

Coach yourself
You will learn how to evaluate yourself, your practice and your performance. From there, you can decide the strategies and what you need to do to improve. After all, you are the expert in yourself!

Spend little time, get great effect
The time you wlll be spending in front of the computer to do evaluations will probably be the best-invested time in your golf game. This is your chance to sit down and actually think about your game, your strategies, what you do good, what can be done better and how you can make that happen. Entering advanced round analysis takes about 3 minutes. That's well spent time.

List of features

  • Round analysis in 2 levels with simulation and advanced selection tools
  • Tournament reports with evaluation
  • Practice reports with evaluation
  • Practice rounds
  • Goal setting (outcome goals and process goals)
  • Tournament schedule
  • Planning practice
  • Skill test database
  • Private homepage with presentation

What do I do next?
If you are a part of a high school or college team, talk to your coach about!

If you are an individual player, sign up right now and take control of your golf development!

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